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Vicki Robinson

Aunt Jane

Vicki RobinsonVicki Robinson

Vicki got involved in acting eight years ago and has loved it ever since.  Her favorite leading man is her husband of 37 years, Bryan, who is also an actor.  Together they have appeared in numerous short and full length feature films, television commercials, industrials and theater projects. They, along with their ten children and fourteen grandchildren, have also participated in life style shoots for local photographers, as well as ones from New York and Los Angeles.  They have even been principles in a music video and a reality television project.  Vicki labors with children at risk, having investigated child abuse for six years.  She currently teaches youth-in-custody students at a local high school.  She has been a consultant for films dealing with child abuse and domestic violence.  She particularly loved working on set for The Family Bible, as it addresses the long term impact of abuse.  See her on their blog: