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Bible Restoration

The central conflict of The Family Bible is the stand-off over who will gain custody of a large, antique Holman bible -- not an easy or inexpensive item to lay hands on. An exhaustive search found a suitable one for sale online that met the budget. When it arrived, elation turned to despair as it came out of the box in pieces. The art directors, Miriam and Sonia, rushed to the rescue and after an intense week of improvised restoration the bible was whole again. 

On location, the cast was instructed to handle it with care to insure it would stay in one piece throughout the shoot. Between setups, one of the art directors would quickly step in and whisk their “baby”away to store it in its box until called for again. Their ingenuity took it from tattered to heirloom including an olive oil rub and creation of the family genealogy pages. 

After all their hard work, upon inspection of the newly repaired bible, the director asked them to break one of the hasps -- the only parts that weren’t damaged on arrival.

Photos courtesy of Also Sisters

On Location

The film was shot on location in Salt Lake City, Utah over four days on a RED ONE digital cinema camera. Three were spent inside and outside of the Fort Douglas Chapel and one at a private home in the Sugarhouse area.

On the morning the funeral scene was shot over forty people were on set.

Photos courtesy of Also Sisters